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You're invited to join our community of IT leaders in philanthropy. By becoming a TAG member, you'll have access to a nationwide network of technology leaders at private, family, and community foundations. View the benefits of TAG membership

TAG Invites 3 Types of Members

  1. Foundation (Private, Family, Community, Corporate)
  2. Public Charity
  3. Consulting/Partner/Provider

Details for each type as well as the membership process and dues are described below.

How Membership Works

A Focus on Philanthropy:  Individuals employed at foundations, public charities and COF Affinity Groups are invited to become members of TAG. Additionally, for-profit organizations with a dedicated focus to technology in philanthropy are invited to join our "Associate Organization" membership program.

Organizational Membership: TAG membership is by organization which means that only one dues payment is necessary for your entire organization. The number of members who may join from your organization is unlimited. 

Payment is Due March 15: All TAG members pay dues annually at the same time. The dues process is initiated in January and members have until March 15th to renew their membership.

  • Before September 1: Members joining anytime BEFORE September 1 will pay the annual membership dues for the calendar year in which they join and will then receive an invoice to renew their dues the following year by March 15th.
  • After September 1: Members who join AFTER September 1 will pay the annual membership dues when they join and their dues will automatically renew the following year.

For example, if you join TAG in August 2020, you will pay full dues in 2020 and again in 2021. If you join TAG on September 2, 2020, you will pay full dues in 2020 and then not again until 2022.

Membership Dues & Pricing

The dues rates for each membership type are listed below.

Foundation Membership

Membership dues for foundation members (Private, Family, Community, Corporate) are based on the foundation's asset size.

TAG Dues Foundation Asset Size
$165 < $25 million
$385 $25 million–$250 million
$715 $250 million–$500 million
$1,100 $500 million–$1 billion
$2,200 > $1 billion
$5,000 Supporting Member
Increase your commitment to the TAG Community by providing additional funds for operating support.
$10,000 Sector Steward
Invest in sector-wide programs including support for the Emerging Leaders Initiative and TAG Conference Scholarships designed to bring smaller community and family foundations to the annual conference.
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Public Charity/COF Affinity Group Membership

Membership dues for public charities or Council on Foundations Affinity Groups are based on the organization's operating budget.

TAG Dues Current Year Operating Budget
$110 < $2 million
$275 > $2 million
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Consulting and Provider/Partner Organizations

For-profit vendor organizations who provide technology products or services to foundations and public charities shall be eligible to participate as Associate Organizations

NOTE: Members from our Associate Organization program are eligible to participate in all TAG activities; however, they are not eligible to participate in governance decisions or serve in leadership positions within TAG.

Fees for consulting and partner / provider organizations are based on the organization's gross revenue.

TAG Dues Prior Year Gross Revenue
$550 < $250,000
$825 $250,000–$1 million
$1,650 $1 million–$3 million
$2,750 > $3 million
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Join Mailing List Only

If you do not wish to pay membership dues and have full membership benefits, please select this option to join TAG's mailing list. You will be kept informed about TAG's events and activities but will not have full access to the web site or be able to participate in most of TAG's activities.

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Payment Options

You can pay membership dues online or send a check made out to "Technology Association of Grantmakers, Inc." for the appropriate payment amount to:

Technology Association of Grantmakers
Attn: Chantal Forster
1 North State Street
Suite 1500
Chicago, IL 60602

As of January 1, 2020, we have updated our name to the Technology Association of Grantmakers (TAG). Read more at:

Pro Bono Membership

In March 2009, TAG's Board adopted a Pro Bono Membership Policy. The Policy states that TAG will provide a Pro Bono Membership to organizations who provide TAG with a comparable membership value in exchange for TAG membership or organizations that due to extraordinary circumstances, can not afford the TAG membership fee, and whose staff provide exemplary service and value to TAG. Pro Bono Memberships will be reviewed and awarded annually at the discretion of the TAG Board on a case-by-case basis. In addition, a TAG member organization in good standing at TAG may sponsor another TAG member organization. If your organization is interested in applying for the Pro Bono Membership, please contact Chantal Forster at

The Technology Association of Grantmakers is a 501 (c) (3), 509 (a) (2) public charity.

The Technology Association of Grantmakers (TAG) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization that promotes the power of technology to advance the goals of the philanthropic sector.