Landscape of Integrated Software for Community Foundations

TAG Reports

Published July 19, 2022

In collaboration with the Finance, Administration & Operations Group for Community Foundations (FAOG), Grantbook, PEAK Grantmaking, and the Technology Association of Grantmakers (TAG), Tech Impact created the 2022 edition of the Landscape of Integrated Software for Community Foundations to help readers understand what systems are available and how well they work together to help them select the best solutions for their needs.

This publication looks at software in five areas of functionality: Business Intelligence and Reporting, Donor Management/Donor Portals, Financial Management/Accounting, Grant and Application Management, and Relationship and Communication Management.

It offers brief overviews of software from 11 vendors and detailed profiles of seven systems commonly used by community foundations. In addition, it focuses on helping community foundations differentiate systems and identify the right ones for their needs with sections on comparing systems, pricing models, and selection criteria.