TAG and Project Evident Unveil Responsible AI Adoption Framework for Philanthropy

Dec 6, 2023

Chicago, IL – The Technology Association of Grantmakers (TAG) and Project Evident announce the publication of “Responsible AI Adoption in Philanthropy,” an initial framework crafted to navigate the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) within the philanthropic sector. 

As society grapples with the increasing prevalence of AI tools, this framework addresses the need for grantmakers to adopt AI in alignment with their core values. It emphasizes the responsibility of philanthropic organizations to ensure that the usage of AI enables human flourishing, minimizes risk, and maximizes benefit. 

The framework includes considerations for AI adoption in three key areas – Organizational, Ethical, and Technical – each essential for grantmakers considering the use of AI. Serving as a starting point for decision-makers, the framework provides a catalogue of considerations when exploring or expanding the use of AI. Beyond AI adoption within grantmaking organizations, the framework also calls for foundations to play a crucial role in advancing the responsible use of AI for nonprofit enablement. 

responsible AI adoption in philanthropy

“As AI adoption continues to accelerate in all aspects of our philanthropic work,” says Hazem Mahmoud, Director of Data Solutions at the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation, “it becomes important to have a framework to ensure that we are aligned on expectations, safety, acceptable use, innovative methodologies, and more. A framework; however, is only valuable if it is adopted by a large segment of individuals and organizations in the sector. I encourage stakeholders to use the framework, but also contribute to its continued improvement.” 

Guided by a dedicated Steering Committee and Design Committee, including leaders from the Surdna Foundation, Patrick McGovern Foundation, DataKind, Bezos Earth Fund, Grand Rapids Community Foundation, and others, the framework was shaped significantly by input from nearly 300 participants at a workshop in Nashville, TN USA during the TAG conference in November 2023. 

The Responsible AI Adoption Framework signifies a milestone in the conscientious consideration of AI within philanthropy. “Concluding my tenure this month as the Executive Director of TAG,” says outgoing executive Chantal Forster, “It is my sincere hope that this resource will empower grantmakers to embrace AI responsibly and invest in the potential for AI to bridge divides and build more equitable communities.”  

The framework is now available for download at tagtech.org/AI, providing grantmakers with practical insights and guidance for navigating the AI landscape. 


For media inquiries, contact: 

Tracie Mooneyham
Director of Community Engagement, Technology Association of Grantmakers

Dustin Sposato
Deputy Managing Director, Field Building and Communications, Project Evident

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