Tech Futurist, Jaron Lanier, to Headline TAG2023 Conference

Oct 4, 2023

Nashville, TN – The Technology Association of Grantmakers (TAG) is pleased to reveal its lineup of keynote speakers for the upcoming sold-out 2023 conference, scheduled from November 6 – 9, 2023, at the Grand Hyatt Nashville.

With a theme centered on “Trust and Technology,” the keynote addresses will emphasize the growing role of technology in civil society and the imperative of transparency, ethics, and trust in its usage.

Tuesday, November 7: Renowned Tech Visionary, Jaron Lanier

TAG2023’s opening will feature Jaron Lanier, a pioneer in virtual reality and a prominent thinker on artificial intelligence (AI).

Lanier’s keynote promises attendees a unique perspective on the forthcoming challenges and opportunities in the tech landscape.

Joining Jaron Lanier in this exploration are esteemed colleagues, including Leon Wilson, Chief  Technology, Information & Platforms Officer at the Cleveland Foundation, and Guli Basu, Chief Technology Officer at the Doris Duke Foundation. Together, they will delve into the intersection of trust, technology, and philanthropy.

This session is generously made possible by the Surdna Foundation.

Wednesday, November 8: Beyond the AI Hype Cycle with Schmidt Futures

On Wednesday, November 8, TAG2023 is privileged to host Mike Belinsky, Director at Schmidt Futures, for a fireside chat about the potential of AI for good and why our current “AI revolution” is different from previous technology hype cycles.

Hosted by José Aron-Diaz, Director of IT at Bezos Earth Fund, this conversation aims to equip funders with practical insights for navigating the evolving landscape. By sharing real-world examples of AI implementation, Mike and José will offer inspiration and foster confidence among attendees who are seeking to understand philanthropy’s role in stewarding the future of AI.

Thursday, November 9: Leadership in an Age of Accelerated Change

To conclude the TAG2023 Conference on Thursday, November 9, TAG will present a thought-provoking panel discussion that offers a reflection on leadership in the philanthropy tech landscape. This panel features four prominent technology executives who represent a new generation of leaders committed to steering their organizations through an era of rapid change and technological advancement.

The panel will explore the remarkable journeys that led each executive to their current leadership role, shedding light on their unique paths and experiences. As newly established executives in philanthropy, all panelists have assumed their positions within the past three years. They will discuss how they are finding their voices in their respective organizations and reshaping leadership paradigms to meet the demands of today’s fast-paced world.


The discussion will also delve into the complex realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The panelists will share how their organizations are navigating the AI landscape, from awareness-building to strategic implementation. They will discuss the transformative potential of AI and the responsibilities tied to being a highly trusted organization in areas such as AI, cybersecurity, and policies.

Join us at TAG2023 for an exploration of trust, technology, and philanthropy, featuring these keynote speakers and thought leaders. For more information and conference registration, please visit TAG2023 Conference.

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