TAG and Project Evident Partner to Create AI Adoption Framework for Funders

Aug 21, 2023

Chicago, IL – Addressing a vital need for guidance on artificial intelligence (AI) within grantmaking organizations, the Technology Association of Grantmakers (TAG) and Project Evident announce a pioneering partnership aimed at establishing an AI Adoption Framework tailored for funders. This collaboration marks a significant stride towards harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to advance grantmakers’ missions and operations, while fostering equitable practices within the social sector. 

TAG and Project Evident share a common vision to explore the transformative potential of AI while minimizing associated risks. By collaboratively crafting an AI Adoption Framework, both organizations are taking a leading role in fostering the safe and ethical adoption of AI practices within the philanthropic sector. 

Grantmaking executives face a complex challenge when navigating the use of AI including predictive analytics, recommendation engines, and large language models (LLM) such as ChatGPT. Ensuring appropriate usage includes an evaluation of transparency, privacy, ethics, risk, and seamless systems integration. Simultaneously, mission-based organizations must also ensure that the incorporation of AI aligns with programmatic outcomes while avoiding any exacerbation of existing inequities. To address these intricate concerns, TAG and Project Evident are collaborating with a diverse assembly of experts and practitioners from grantmaking organizations to shape the AI Adoption Framework. This framework is designed to empower socially conscious funders to confidently explore, experiment, and thoughtfully incorporate AI solutions. 

Design Principles of the AI Adoption Framework

  • Centering equity in all facets of the project, from the design process to the final framework. 
  • Embracing a collaborative “big tent” approach that encourages and welcomes diverse participation. 
  • Fostering action-oriented solutions that facilitate tactical decision-making and meaningful engagement with AI. 
  • Cultivating collaboration with program staff to leverage their insights and perspectives. 
  • Empowering technology executives to lead strategic conversations on AI to achieve their organization’s mission. 
  • Promoting privacy, security, and transparency as core values.
  • Remaining technology brand and product neutral, thereby ensuring the framework’s impartiality and integrity. 

The Design Committee, comprising esteemed experts from both organizations, will convene virtually three times between September and October to provide invaluable insights during the framework’s developmental stages. An important milestone in this partnership is the pilot workshop, scheduled to take place at the TAG conference (https://tag2023.org), slated for November 6-9th in Nashville. Attended by global professionals specializing in philanthropy tech, this workshop will enable engagement with a draft version of the framework, yielding invaluable insights for its enhancement before a working version is published in early December.  

Additionally, TAG and Project Evident are thrilled to announce a forthcoming event in collaboration with the Council on Foundations. The event, titled “Artificial Intelligence in Philanthropy: Trends and Responsible Use,” is scheduled for September 14th. This thought-provoking webinar will delve into AI’s potential to shape digital infrastructure and promote equitable outcomes in the social sector. Attendees will gain insights that align with the overarching mission of the AI Adoption/Adoption Framework.

Register to attend at https://cof.org/event/artificial-intelligence-philanthropy-trends-and-responsible-use


For media inquiries and further information, please contact:

Chantal Forster
Executive Director, Technology Association of Grantmakers

Kelly Fitzsimmons
CEO and Founder, Project Evident

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