New Publication Highlights Six Emerging Practices in Funding Nonprofit Technology

Aug 1, 2023

Chicago, IL – Continuing its campaign to support funding for nonprofit technology, the TechnologyAssociation of Grantmakers (TAG) announces the release of its latest publication, “Six Emerging Practices in Funding Nonprofit Technology. ” Based on conversations and research with grantmakers, this guide sheds light on six strategies that are increasingly becoming best practices among funders seeking to empower nonprofit partners through support for digital infrastructure.   

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing the reach and efficacy of nonprofit organizations. However, identifying the most effective methods to fund technology infrastructure can be a complex challenge. TAG’s new whitepaper offers a timely and essential resource for grantmakers seeking to make informed decisions that foster nonprofit sustainability and magnify their positive impact.  

This publication is the culmination of extensive research, interviews, meetings, and webinars conducted by TAG with a diverse array of grantmakers who are at the forefront of driving innovation in the nonprofit sector. By drawing from real-world experiences and expertise, “Six Emerging Practices in Funding Nonprofit Technology ” provides a broad exploration of the most promising approaches to supporting the effective and strategic use of technology at nonprofit organizations.  

The six emerging practices highlighted in the guide encompass a range of strategic interventions aimed at catalyzing the greatest amount of impact in communities around the world. From adopting cohort-based learning models that promote knowledge sharing and capacity-building to providing direct services alongside funding, grantmakers will gain invaluable insights into ways they can make strategic technology investments that maximize nonprofit operational effectiveness and sustainability.  

Commenting on the significance of this publication, Chantal Forster, the executive director of TAG, stated, “We are excited to present this guide as a roadmap for grantmakers seeking to unlock the full potential of nonprofit organizations through technology. By adopting these emerging practices, funders can forge deeper and more meaningful partnerships with nonprofits, driving transformative change in the communities they serve. ”  

TAG invites all grantmakers, philanthropic organizations, and stakeholders in the nonprofit ecosystem to read “Six Emerging Practices in Funding Nonprofit Technology” and discuss ways to leverage the information provided in their strategic decision-making. By incorporating these innovative approaches into their funding strategies, grantmakers have an unprecedented opportunity to support technology-driven solutions that address critical societal challenges.  

To access the publication and learn more about TAG’s initiatives, please click here.


Ngozika (Gozi) Egbuonu, Director of Programs
Technology Association of Grantmakers 

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