Technology Association of Grantmakers Unveils Job Descriptions Library

Jul 19, 2023

Chicago, IL — Long requested by grantmakers, the first-ever library of job descriptions for technology-related roles is now available in the Knowledge Center by the Technology Association of Grantmakers (TAG). This comprehensive collection of job descriptions reflects the increasingly central role that technology plays in grantmaking organizations of all sizes and issue areas. Provided directly by TAG members, this JD Library serves as a valuable repository of common job roles within the context of community, corporate, private, and family foundations.

Some of the key roles featured in the library include:

Chief Information Officer (CIO): This role is often held by visionary leaders responsible for shaping the technology strategies that drive innovation and efficiency within grantmaking organizations.

Chief Operating Officer (COO): Key executives tasked with overseeing day-to-day operations, ensuring seamless processes, and fostering organizational growth.

IT Manager: The dedicated professionals who manage and maintain an organization’s IT infrastructure, ensuring smooth operations and security.

Director of Analytics and Reporting: Experts in data analysis and reporting, vital for harnessing insights that inform decision-making and program effectiveness.

Grants Administration Data Analyst: Specialists who play a pivotal role in streamlining the grants application process and ensuring data accuracy.

Technical Business Analyst: The bridge between IT and business functions, translating technical requirements into solutions that meet organizational needs.

Director of Finance: The financial leaders responsible for managing budgets, investments, and fiscal strategies to support grantmaking initiatives.

The JD Library is an indispensable asset for grantmaking professionals seeking to develop and refine their organization’s staffing strategies. By providing real-world job descriptions from peers in the field, TAG aims to foster knowledge sharing and best practices within the grantmaking community.

“We are excited to introduce the Job Descriptions Library as an empowering reference tool for grantmaking organizations to thrive in an increasingly tech-driven landscape,” said Gozi Egbuonu, Director of Programs at TAG. “These job descriptions offer helpful templates to assist organizations in recruiting top talent and structuring their teams for success.”

TAG invites all members to explore the JD Library and take advantage of this first and only collection to further their missions effectively by visiting our community knowledge center.


Ngozika (Gozi) Egbuonu, Director of Programs
Technology Association of Grantmakers 

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