TAG Publishes Call for Investment in Digital Infrastructure

Mar 30, 2021

One in three nonprofits is in financial jeopardy as a result of the 2020 pandemic, according to a recent study by Candid and the Center for Disaster Philanthropy. As grantmakers consider their responsibility to stabilize and even reimagine civil society, they increasingly recognize that social change in the digital era requires not just an investment in programs but also an investment in technology infrastructure. This investment is more than tools alone; rather it’s a commitment to building digital skills, capacity, and new platforms to unlock the knowledge, passion, and collective strength of civil society over time as the relationship between technology and society continues to evolve.

Combined, these dependencies might best be referred to as digital infrastructure.

Find out how to invest in digital infrastructure in this report provided by the Taskforce on Digital Infrastructure led by the Technology Association of Grantmakers. For the past six months, the Taskforce has met to identify the most pressing needs of nonprofits in the area of digital infrastructure and envision solutions. This report aims to catalyze awareness and build momentum toward investing in this critical infrastructure for social good.

Download the report here (PDF)

About the Technology Association of Grantmakers

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