TAG2019 Considers Implications of AI on Society and the Rise of Global Surveillance

Nov 14, 2019

Next week in Miami, the sold-out annual conference for technology leaders in philanthropy, TAG2019.org, is hosting two vital sessions on the social impact of artificial intelligence and the rise of surveillance technologies. The annual event presented by the membership association, Technology Affinity Group (TAG), opens on Tuesday, November 19th with a keynote by Dr. Ayanna Howard, Chair of the School of Interactive Computing, Director of the Human-Automation Systems Lab at Georgia Tech and one of the “Top 50 Women in Tech” according to Forbes in 2018. Dr. Howard will explore the opportunities and challenges presented by the growing interest in AI systems as well as a discussion on the role of the social sector in both leveraging AI and safeguarding communities.

On day two of the conference, TAG will explore the launch of the “Freedom on the Net 2019: The Crisis of Social Media” with Adrian Shahbaz, Research Director of Freedom House. This year’s report reveals that governments around the world are increasingly using social media to manipulate elections and monitor their citizens, tilting the technology toward digital authoritarianism. As a result of these trends, global internet freedom declined for the ninth consecutive year, according to Freedom on the Net 2019, the latest edition of the annual country-by-country assessment of internet freedom, released November 5th by Freedom House.

“As our largest conference to date,” says TAG Executive Director, Chantal Forster, “TAG2019 includes thought-provoking sessions reflecting the evolution of technology as an operational function in philanthropy to one where technology is a driver of innovation, an opportunity for investment, and a factor in societal change.”

The TAG conference in Miami is the 12th annual conference for technology leaders and staff in philanthropy. Over 350 attendees from foundations and partner organizations throughout the world attend the annual TAG conference and members of the association.

About the Technology Association of Grantmakers

TAG is a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization that promotes the strategic, innovative, and equitable use of technology in philanthropy to solve problems and improve lives. With over 2000 members in 300 foundations throughout North America and beyond, TAG is the voice of technology in the philanthropic sector, providing technology professionals, tech funders, and “accidental techies” with knowledge, networks, mentoring, and educational opportunities.

Since 2008, the Technology Association of Grantmakers (TAG) has built a global community, conducted groundbreaking research, and become an advocate for investment in tech infrastructure throughout the charitable sector. For more information, visit tagtech.org.