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Foundations Describe Slow Progress with Respect to Technology

Wednesday, July 26, 2017  

99 foundations participated in both the 2016 and 2017 TAG technology management surveys. While almost half of the respondents describe their technology adoption as “lagging,” some progress has been made in foundation executives’ understanding and support of technology and the role of technology. Compared to 2016, 7% more foundations described their senior executives as "totally getting it." With respect to the role of technology, 8% more foundations described technology staff as “strategic leaders” instead of “utility or service providers.”

Foundations continue to slowly move more applications to the cloud. Overall, there appears to be about 5% increase in the use of cloud applications. Detailed information on which applications foundations are using in the cloud is available in the detailed survey data.

Many foundations also reported increasing their bandwidth and securing a second Internet connection because of their move to the cloud.

Detailed survey data has been shared with all participating foundations. For questions, please contact Lisa Pool at or 610-688-6832.

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