TAG Emerging Leaders Initiative
2021 Applications are Now Open

TAG Emerging Leaders Initiative

Applications for 2022 will open in June 2021. 


About the Program

The TAG Emerging Leaders initiative (ELI) is designed to help cultivate the next generation of technology leaders in philanthropy. Through a series of coaching, mentoring pairing, and educational opportunities, Emerging Leaders are provided with expertise and skills needed to advance in their careers. 

Please note, the program is available to current TAG members only. Not a member? Consider joining TAG today.


"The TAG Program was truly a continuous learning experience. I increased my knowledge about managing my brand, defining my leadership skills, understanding culture, and understanding power relations. Most importantly, I was able discuss these topics with my mentor in person, over the phone, or in email. "


 Jose Aron-Diaz, The Rockefeller Foundation

Interested in Applying to be an Emerging Leader?

Are you new to philanthropy or seeking a mentor to bolster your soft-skills or technology strategy approach?

The TAG Emerging Leader Initiative (ELI) is an excellent way to build your network and grow your professional capacity. Hallmarks of the initiative include:

  1. Pairing with a mentor who is a seasoned philanthropy professional in IT or Grants Management.
  2. Access to learning materials
  3. Access to peers within the Emerging Leader cohort
  4. Opportunity at TAG Conferences for in-person ELI events.

Please note: In order to be considered, we ask that you embrace the core tenets of the ELI program: honesty, trust, integrity, respect, patience and confidentiality.

Interested in Being a Mentor?

Are you a seasoned IT or Grants Management leader in philanthropy? Become a 2021 Mentor today.

Mentoring a TAG Emerging Leader is a rich and rewarding way to give back to the community and cultivate our next generation of leaders. As a mentor, you will act as a sounding board for soft-skills growth while at other times, you might offer advice related to technology strategy or systems implementation.

We ask that you embrace the core tenets of the ELI program: honesty, trust, integrity, respect, patience and confidentiality.

How the Program Works

Key Deadlines for 2022 Cohort

  • June 15, 2021: Applications for Emerging Leaders open
  • June 22, 2021: Applications for Mentors open
  • July 17, 2021: Applications for Emerging Leaders closes at midnight ET.
  • August 3, 2021: All applicants will be notified about their acceptance in the program.
  • August 14, 2021: Applications for Mentors closes.
  • Q4 2021: Emerging Leaders announced in Q4 2021.

For more information, please contactthe ELI Program Director at bill@tagtech.org.

Please note: Acceptance into the program isn't guaranteed, as it will be based on our ability to secure enough mentors of relevant fit for this year's emerging leaders.

The Process

  1. Emerging Leaders are selected by the TAG Emerging Leaders Initiative Committee based on need and our ability to match you with a suitable mentor.
  2. Mentors are to be solicited based on their experience, professional accomplishments, and enthusiasm to participate in the program.
  3. Emerging Leaders and Mentors are to be matched by the Mentoring Committee. Mentors are recruited to match Mentees' goals and requirements.
  4. The ELI program runs for each calendar year. Mutual expectations and benefits are defined and agreed to by the Emerging Leader and Mentor at the beginning of the relationship. Together, they set the content of their ongoing agenda. It is suggested that Emerging Leaders and Mentors meet at least once per month in person or by video conference. Additional educational opportunities will be provided for Emerging Leaders as part of the program.
  5. Feedback and self-reflection are important components of the learning and development process of the program for both Emerging Leaders and Mentors. Quarterly evaluation will be required.


 TAG Emerging Leaders Program Handbook (.pdf)

  Webinar: Learn about the Emerging Leaders Initiative, presented on August 29, 2018. TAG Board President Jim Rutt explains the program, what you need to do to participate and what is the timeline for participation.

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