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TAG 2015 Call for Sessions
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TAG 2015 Conference Call for Sessions Overview (download)

Please submit the completed form below by Monday, March 23, 2015

TAG 2015 Conference Overview Information >>

The TAG conference is the one place for technology professionals working in philanthropy to share their experiences with peers. Sessions should be about the application of technology relevant to this specific audience niche. 

TAG Conference Goals

  Education: Provide practical educational opportunities and professional development for TAG members.

  Networking: Provide networking opportunities for TAG members—connecting people with others facing similar issues for information sharing.

  Community: Build the TAG community—relationships that can be leveraged beyond the conference.

  Leadership: Enable TAG to provide leadership to the sector.

Conference Theme and Sessions

The theme of the conference is Knowledge:  From Collection to Protection


The Conference Agenda Committee seeks the following sessions:

  • 1 keynote
  • 2 plenary sessions, one 60 minutes; one 90 minutes
  • 18 breakout sessions, varying in length from 60–90 minutes.

Target Audience

The TAG membership consists of a very diverse set of professionals, all responsible for managing the technology function or a software application within a philanthropic organization.


There is a wide range of technical expertise and sophistication among TAG members. Job functions vary from senior staff such as a chief information officer and director of technology to a "jack-of-all-trades" manager of technology to technology-specific jobs such as a database administrator, software developer, web specialist and network administrator.

Many members who are responsible for technology are not technology professionals. Foundations large and small are outsourcing the technology function and non-technologists professionally trained in finance, grants management and communications are now also responsible for technology.

Hands-on training for
technical staff on specific technologies is not the focus of this conference. However, we want the technical sessions to provide enough technical information to be a relevant educational experience for the technology professionals.

Session Track

There will be three concurrent break-out sessions.   

Please indicate whether your session is more appropriate for a management, technical or grants management audience. The committee hopes to have a good mix of all three session types.  

Management: Target Audience = Technical or non-technical staff. Session should be designed to discuss issues around technology management, change management, communications and collaboration, with some part of the presentation dedicated to the technology itself. These sessions deal with broader management issues and policies related to the technology function versus an in-depth look at the technology itself.

Technical: Target Audience = Technical staff. Session should be devoted to technologies themselves and should take an in-depth look at the technology. Despite this focus, these sessions should be targeted to the general technologist rather than a sophisticated engineer.

Grants: Target Audience = Grants managers and technical managers. Session should be focused on the grants application/grants management process or tools or software to facilitate the foundation’s grantmaking operations.  These sessions can deal with broad management issues and policies or take an in-depth look at a particular grants management software. 

Conference Sessions

The committee welcomes sessions that are educational, relevant, timely, engaging and valuable. 

The committee identified the following high level areas of interest for potential sessions. Your session does not have to fit into one of these areas of interest but we share the list to provide some guidance about the type of content the committee hopes to include in the conference.   

  • Broad look at sector trends 
  • Technology strategy, as it relates to the sector
  • Professional development for IT staff
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data: big data, open data, consumption of data, data utilities, master data management, data governance
  • Security
  • Grants Management Software
  • Content Management:  documents, records, digital assets
  • Network Administration Tools 
  • Mobile
  • Social media
  • Cloud
  • Community foundation-specific session
  • Reporting/Dashboards
  • Learning initiatives/impact and results
  • Programmatic use of technology

Please submit your completed Call for Sessions Form by Monday, March 23, 2015.

Tips to Getting Your Proposal Accepted

  1. Outline succinctly what someone will learn from your presentation. List 3 key points the presentation will cover.
  2. Be practical. We are seeking practical advice from working experts.
  3. Offer a case study based on real-world experience, if you are a consultant, suggest a client as a co-presenter.
  4. Explain how to do something or how to implement a service or a technology.
  5. Write your proposal title and abstract in a way that will entice conference attendees to want to register for the conference.
  6. Complete the form in its entirety, including having speakers confirmed.   

 Please note: the application must be submitted in full.  You can't save it and go back and edit the form later.   

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TAG is a nonprofit and we do our best to plan the conference to break even and keep the registration fees reasonable. We try to accommodate expense reimbursement requests but we do have a limited budget. Our policy for speakers is to provide free attendance for the day of the conference. If you wish to attend the full conference, we ask that you register and pay for the conference. Please let us know whether you require or request travel expense reimbursement and/or the conference fee waived. Please note there is a possibility this could impact the committee’s decision to accept your session.

The Technology Affinity Group (TAG) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization that promotes the power of technology to advance the goals of the philanthropic sector.