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Technology Survey Information
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Survey Goals

  • To enable grantmaking organizations to make more informed, timely and cost-effective decisions based on information about what peer organizations are doing, trends and future plans;
  • To determine, by grantmaker type and asset and staff size, grantmakers’ information technology capacity and needs;
  • To inform the sector about its technology utilization;
  • To learn how grantmakers access and provide information and
  • To enable TAG to better meet its members’ needs.

Survey Background

The survey is conducted using this online survey and benchmarking site powered by Peerfocus. At the completion of the survey period, survey participants will be able to do their own data analysis and comparisons using the benchmarking tool. The tool will allow you to create custom comparison groups based on survey demographics such as foundation asset size, number of staff, number of technology staff and geographic region. You can then compare your foundation’s data to the responses of your peer group.

You will not be able to see the individual responses of any other foundation, with the following exception: TAG and GMN members who participate in the survey can view the names of the application software used by other foundations. Security and confidentiality is protected by requiring a minimum of eight foundations in any peer comparison group you create.

We will continue to provide a summary report of the survey for non-participants. However, the report will not include snapshots by foundation type and size, since this information will be available to participants through the benchmarking tool.


  1. Please use 2013 data to complete the survey. If your fiscal year is not a calendar year, enter data for the fiscal year ending in 2013.

  2. We anticipate your survey will take approximately 60 minutes to complete.

  3. Helpful Hints: Before starting the survey, you should visit the helpful hints section. This provides information on how to navigate the survey instrument, including how to print the survey instrument and use it as a worksheet to gather information before you enter the survey data.

  4. Starting the Survey: You must check "We will participate this year" at the top of the survey main menu before you begin the survey. Until you do that you cannot save your data. You can start the survey, save your responses and then complete the survey later.

  5. Taking the Survey: The survey has about 90 questions, which is similar in length to previous surveys. The progress bars on the survey's main menu page are meant to give only a rough indication of your progress on the survey. Not all questions are appropriate for all members to answer. The bars simply reflect the total number of variables in a survey section and the number that have been answered.

  6. Completing the Survey: You must check "We have completed the survey" at the top of the survey main menu after you finish taking the survey. It is the only way we will know you are done.
Survey Committee

A committee of TAG members has been working for the past few months to design and beta test the survey. The committee members represent small and large foundations as well as private and community foundations. Many thanks to everyone who helped in the survey creation process this year.

Catherine Downs – GMN
Edima Elinewinga – United Nations Foundation
Tim Haight – CGNET, Inc.
Adriana Jimenez – Surdna Foundation
Benjamin Lee – California Endowment
Spencer Martin – Posiba, Inc.
Martin Schneiderman – Information Age Associates

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Pool at or 610-688-6832. You can also contact one of the committee members listed above.

The Technology Affinity Group (TAG) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization that promotes the power of technology to advance the goals of the philanthropic sector.