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TAG Board members serve three year terms and are elected by the existing Board members before TAG's Annual Board meeting each November. TAG Board members can serve two consecutive terms and then must rotate off the Board, unless they are an officer. Officers may complete their officer term and then rotate off the Board. The Board has staggered terms so that each year three existing Board members rotate off the Board and three new members join the Board. The Board has the discretion to approve Emeritus Board members each November for a one year term. Emeritus members can be re-elected without any limits. TAG is governed by a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, who are the officers of the organization and comprise the Executive Committee.

The role of the Board President is to provide leadership, set priorities for the organization and manage the TAG Executive Director. The role of the Vice President is to prepare to succeed the President. The role of the Secretary is to take minutes at the meetings and the role of the Treasurer is to approve expenditures and make sure the staff acts in a fiscally appropriate manner. The role of the Board is to provide input, ideas and feedback to the TAG staff member and President and to participate in decision-making processes for the organization. The Board meets monthly.


Kris McDaid
Assistant Vice President, Information Technology
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 609-627-5784
Term 2015–2017

Vice President for Information Technology

Marin Community Foundation, 415-464-2520
Term 2015–2017

Vice President
James Rutt
Chief Information Officer
The Dana Foundation, 212-401-1659
Term 2015–2017

Nicolette Lodico
Director, Information Management
Ford Foundation, 212 573-5204
Term 2016–2018


Edima Elinewinga
Executive Director, Information Technology
United Nations Foundation, 202-887-9040
Term 2016–2018

John Mohr
Chief Information Officer
The MacArthur Foundation, 312-917-3699
Term 2016–2018

Linda Rosano
Director of Information Technology
William T. Grant Foundation, 212-752-0071 x322
Term 2017–2019

Daniel Schoenfeld
Director of Grants Administration
The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, 954-235-0118
Term 2016–2018
Matthew Sharp
Director, Information Technology
The Duke Endowment, 704-969-2127
Term 2017–2019

Mark Walker
Knowledge Management & Technology Officer
Jessie Ball duPont Fund, 904-353-8090
Term 2017–2019
Carolyn Wendrowski
Deputy Chief Technology Officer
Rockefeller Foundation, 212 852-8283
Term 2016–2018



David Binder
Director of Infrastructure and Operations
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 609-627-5774
Gavin Clabaugh
Vice President - Information Services
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, 810-766-1768



Lisa Pool
Executive Director (part-time), 610-688-6832

Poney Carpenter
Project Manager, Simplify Initiative (part-time), 607-379-1120

Jeff Brandenburg
Manager, Conferences & Communications (part-time), 415-626-1487

Tom Nall
Consultant, Simplify Initiative (part-time), 713-222-1920


Agenda Committee - This committee is responsible for planning the programmatic content of the TAG Annual Conference. The committee selects a conference theme, issues a call for sessions and then reviews the submitted sessions for conference selection. Each committee member is assigned a session or two to shepherd through the process. Committee liaisons are responsible for coordinating with the session presenters to ensure the session meets its stated goals. The committee meets monthly for an hour from January through September.

Simplify Committee - Simplify is an initiative which promotes using technology to streamline the grantmaking process.  You can learn more at Committee members advise the project team and represent the project at sector gatherings.

Logistics Committee - This committee is responsible for planning all of the non-program aspects of the conference, including off-site events, the conference structure, meeting packet information and miscellaneous conference logistics. The committee meets monthly for an hour from March through October.

Technology Survey Committee - This committee is responsible for TAG's three annual surveys: security, technology management and 'what do you use?'.  Committee members review the survey questions from the previous year's surveys, and make suggestions for adding and removing questions and updating the response choices.  

Webinars Committee - This committee is responsible for planning TAG's monthly webinars.  Committee members make suggestions for webinar topics and presenters, vet suggestions that are made by others and often present about an interesting project at their foundation.  

The Technology Affinity Group (TAG) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization that promotes the power of technology to advance the goals of the philanthropic sector.